Greta Electric Scooters set to change the Electric Mobility


Ahmedabad : Transition to electric vehicles is the new disruption in the automotive industry. With a promise to magnify this disruption, Greta Electric Scooters, from Gujarat, has introduced a range of e-scooters in the market.

Greta Electric Scooters, a Gujarat-based start-up, is engaged in manufacturing Electric Scooters. 

Raj Mehta, the youngest entrepreneur in the industry with a single mission of reducing the carbon footprint, founded Greta Electric Scooters in 2019. Driven to make transportation affordable for most, he designed Greta to be an affordable E-scooter with state-of-art features. 

Greta Electric Scooters come in attractive colours, with designer consoles and offer extra-large storage space. 

Currently, the four models rolled out in the market are Harper, Evespa, Glide, and Harper ZX.

They all offer best-in-class comfort and superior performance with mileage in the range of 100 kms per charge. They all come with DRL, EBS, reverse mode, ATA System, smart shift, Digital instrument cluster display, keyless start and anti-theft alarm. 

The Greta’s Harper, Evespa, and Harper ZX models feature drum disc brakes, while the Glide features dual disc hydraulic brakes that are more effective and reliable. 

Greta Electric Scooters take 4 hours to charge from zero to a full charge.

Greta Electric Scooters use 48-volt / 60-volt lithium-ion batteries with a running capacity of 70 km to 100 km per charge.  Greta Electric Scooters offers Customers the option to choose the battery of their choice from the 4 available battery options V2 (Lithium+48V), V2+ (Lithium+60V), V3 (Lithium+48V) and V3+ (Lithium+60V).

Greta Scooters offer a variety of 22 different attractive colours options. Premium Turquoise Blue and Rose Gold colour being the two signature colours offered.

Greta Scooters received approval from the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) in late 2019.

The price range for Greta Scooters ranges from INR 60,000- INR 92000 in the Indian market.

“We are very excited with the enthusiasm of acceptance that Greta Electric Scooters have found in the market,” says Raj Mehta, Founder and Managing Director, Raj Electromotives Pvt. Ltd. and Greta Electric Scooters, “We have not only seen interest from the domestic market but also the international market. Post-approval from the Road Transport Ministry of Nepal, we have opened two showrooms there.

Currently, the Greta Electric Scooters line up under advanced trials in Europe and hope to get legal clearance soon. Once that happens, we should soon have Greta running on European roads as well!!”.

To further the founder’s vision of making transportation accessible to the majority, the focus for the year is to expand the domestic dealer network across major cities in the country. The first step in the direction has been the recently inaugurated highest altitude Electric Vehicle Showroom, by the Ladakh’s Member of Parliament, Mr Jamyang Tsering Namgyal at Leh, Ladakh, making it the World’s Highest Altitude for an electric vehicle to be available.


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