Solar-Powered EV Charging Station in Service at Mon Power


FirstEnergy electric company Mon Power is now powering an electric vehicle charger with renewable energy generated by an array of solar panels outside of its headquarters building along I-79 in Fairmont.

The project includes 28 solar panels and a battery to store the electricity generated by the micro solar site. The battery supplies a Level Two EV charger capable of accommodating a vehicle for charging, which delivers eight to 24 miles of range per hour of charging.

Aside from a small cost to the company to maintain the site going forward, the installation will be a self-sufficient, standalone renewable power generator. Most other EV chargers in the state pull power from the electric grid where the energy source is a mix of nuclear, hydro, gas, coal and other power resources.

“As the demand for electricity grows with the increase in electrification of transportation, this micro-solar energy installation is a great way to support the environment while lessening the demand on the energy grid,” said Jim Myers, president of FirstEnergy’s West Virginia operations. “Mon Power is committed to the environment and improving reliability for customers by bolstering and diversifying the region’s energy mix.”

While the headquarters’ solar array represents the company’s first micro solar site, Mon Power is also in the process of getting approval from the West Virginia Public Service Commission to build, own and operate five solar facilities in its service territory. Through the solar program, customers of Mon Power and Potomac Edison in West Virginia can support renewable energy without the large upfront cost of building their own infrastructure. The company has already subscribed several industrial and commercial customers along with hundreds of residential customers. The town of Harpers Ferry also recently committed to a subscription equal to 100% of its streetlight and town hall energy usage.

To subscribe or find out more about the solar program, Mon Power and Potomac Edison customers in West Virginia can submit their information at or call 1-800-505-7283.

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