Power Storage Solutions Announced Expansion of 48V LiFEP04 Battery Line


DALLAS — PWR Storage Solutions, dba Power Storage Solutions, announces an expansion of their 48V LiFEP04 battery line with the SCLFP48150-5U. The SCLFP48150-5U is a powerful 48V LiFePO4 battery model specifically designed to provide battery backup for rack or cabinet telecom sites. Its modular design enables parallel installation to meet the needs of longer backup times. If safety is your concern, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry is one of the safest lithium batteries sold in the stationary market.

“This modular solution allows the Telecom site to put in 150Ah now and grow their capacity up to 2,250Ah as demand increases. The flexibility of this system allows us to put in 450Ah in the same footprint as a traditional front terminal 12V block which would have had 180Ah allowing a site to grow without infrastructure investment.  We can help customers with solutions they didn’t think were possible,” stated Barbara Gonzales, Sr. Strategic Sales Manager for Power Storage Solutions.

Finally, there is a lithium solution which provides a solid return on your investment (ROI). In addition, the greatest advantage of lithium is the life span. The SCLFP battery will provide 4000 – 9000 cycles depending on depth of discharge, while lead acid is typically at end of life after 400 to 900 cycles. Our SCLFP provides ten times the cycles but nowhere near ten times the cost.

Total cost of ownership is even more incredible when factoring in the labor to install multiple AGM battery strings relative to just one of these long-lasting lithium battery modules. The modules can be paralleled to provide additional current as applications demand more power or when increased backup time is required. Building block sizes of the SCLFP48100-5U at 150 ampere-hour allows you to grow with your load requirements.

The BMS (Battery Management System) will interface currently with Delta/Eltek controllers. We are working on expanding to ABB and others. The BMS offers real time information voltage, current, temperature and other alarm functions which can be communicated back to the Telecom provider via Modbus protocol.


Wireless and RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund) Hut Back-Up Power

Wireless and RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund) Repeater Back-Up Power

Customer Premise / PBX

48V Broadband

Microwave Repeater

Fiber Optic Regen Sites

FTTB & LAN/WIFI Connection Power

Street and Highway Monitoring and Surveillance

Will Hamilton, Regional Sales Manager, states, “We have customers replacing traditional 2V VRLA battery systems using the SCLFP48V150-5U as the building block. The real advantage is now we have a redundant system powering up to 2,250Ah or an N+1 system up to 2100Ah. This provides a higher reliability demanded 5G applications and autonomous applications.” 

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