Bihar Invites Tender for 200 MW RTS Projects


Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency is seeking expressions of interest to enlist agencies for installing grid-connected rooftop solar (RTS) power projects of different capacities on government buildings across the state. These projects will use the capital expenditure model and aim for a total capacity of 200 MW.

According to the tender guidelines, the work involves designing, supplying, installing, testing, commissioning, providing warranty, and offering comprehensive operation and maintenance services for a period of five years. The bidders are required to furnish earnest money deposit equaling Rs 10 million. The developers are required to submit performance guarantee equaling 5 per cent of the total work value. The bid submission deadline is May 27, 2024.

To be eligible for the tender, bidders must have at least 10 MW of operational capacity and a track record of completing at least 5 MW of solar power projects within India’s government sector in the last five years. Bidders are also required to provide evidence of a credit line of Rs 50 million, confirmed by their bank, which is designated for the specific projects outlined in the bid.

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