E-Fill Electric to Showcase EV Charging Solutions at Franchise India Expo 2024


New Delhi – E-Fill Electric is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming  Franchise India Expo 2024, scheduled to be held on May 18th and 19th, 2024, at IICC Yashoboomi, Dwarka, New Delhi. 

At the event, E-Fill Electric will be presenting its diverse range of EV and Electric Vehicle Supply  Equipment (EVSE) products, including the Muver+, X1, X2, X3 chargers, along with the robust 60  kW charging solution. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, E-Fill Electric aims  to revolutionize the EV charging landscape, offering efficient, reliable, and user-friendly  solutions for both residential and commercial applications. 

The Franchise India Expo is a premier platform that brings together industry leaders,  entrepreneurs, and investors under one roof, offering unparalleled opportunities for  networking, collaboration, and business expansion.  

Speaking about the company’s participation in the Franchise India Expo 2024, Mayank Jain,  CEO of E-Fill Electric, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to be a part of the  Franchise India Expo 2024, as it provides us with a valuable platform to showcase our latest EV  charging solutions and connect with potential franchisees and dealers. As the demand for  electric mobility continues to soar, strategic partnerships and collaborations are key to  accelerating the adoption of EV technology. Through our participation in this event, we aim to  foster new relationships, drive brand awareness, and pave the way for a sustainable future.” 

Opportunities with E-Fill Electric 

For aspiring franchisees and business enthusiasts visiting the expo, E-Fill Electric presents an  exceptional opportunity. Partnering with E-Fill Electric isn’t just about owning a franchise; it’s  about becoming a vital part of a movement dedicated to revolutionizing the EV charging  landscape. 

E-Fill Electric’s franchise model is intricately designed to bolster local economies while  leveraging the advantages of a globally expanding brand, providing a distinctive fusion of local  insight and international proficiency.

E-Fill Electric’s Business Model and Franchise Benefits 

E-Fill Electric isn’t just selling products; they are building a comprehensive support system for  the entire EV ecosystem. They offer dealerships for electric vehicles, giving customers a  convenient way to buy and maintain their EVs. For those interested in EV charging  infrastructure, E-Fill Electric has a scalable franchise model. This allows entrepreneurs to  participate at a level that suits them, with options for both state-level Master Franchises and  district-level Unit Franchises. Their manufacturing focuses on high-quality charging solutions ranging from 3.3kW to 120kW  AC & DC chargers. This focus on manufacturing directly supports the growing needs of the EV  industry, especially Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Charging Point  Operators (CPOs) looking to build a strong charging network. Also, they provide comprehensive  training and ongoing support to their franchisees, along with milestone rewards and the  promise of long-term income. This partnership-driven approach fosters mutual success for E-Fill  Electric and its partners.

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