This Earth Day, Take Small Steps at Home to Conserve the Planet

Authored by- VOLTAS


The exploitation of planet by humankind is causing an unprecedented extinction of the bio diversity. Species of century-old flora and fauna affected by rising pollution, climate change, or human activities. All these have fallen slightly more than anticipated by the environmentalists. To avert these risks and reduce the impact on the environment, consumers can work along with consumer durables and home appliances companies. To build a sustainable ecosystem.

With a wide range of consumer durables gaining traction in semi-urban and rural markets. While, white good manufacturers make energy efficient goods. As consumers it is our responsibility to take a few small steps at home to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. International Mother Earth Day is a great reminder of what our planet is going through and what we as individuals can contribute.

 At an individual level, consumers should be well informed about the benefits of using energy-efficient appliances as they greatly impact the overall energy consumption, despite seeming insignificant at a household level.

Mentioned below are some small suggestions that you can make to make this Earth a greener planet:
  1. Choose energy saving home appliances: According to experts, one must choose efficient products with refrigerants that not only result in lower CO2 emission but also keep a close watch on the meter readings of your electricity bills. Using the right size of appliances with eco-saver settings and skimming carefully through your energy guide label can help you get insights on your energy consumption throughout the life cycle of the product. The Indian government issues BEE star labels where an appliance gets between one and five star rating. As a consumer, make sure to check the star ratings of your appliance. If your product is rated between four to five stars it means that it’s extremely efficient and is likely to keep your electricity bills in check
  • Saving water by using dishwashers: Contrary to popular belief, using dishwashers is not only more hygienic but it also ensures that our resources are used more effectively. Modern dishwashers are able to use less amount of water to clean the utensils and dishes efficiently because of technology like AquaIntenseTM, which provides intense water pressure to clean heavily soiled pots and pans.
  • Using washing machines with drainage filters: Detergents and washing liquids that battle harsh spots and stains from your clothes often wash off the soil and water bodies of their enriching nutrients.   These chemicals when evacuated directly from the houses can contaminate water bodies and river banks causing loss of marine life. Using appliances with inbuilt filters and creating a system to treat household discharges can go a long way if the consumer wants to contribute to protecting the water bodies. Moreover, the new AutoDosing program in the latest washing machines helps you get perfect cleaning and rinsing results, without any waste of water or detergent ensuring lesser drainage of residues from the house.
  • Turn on the auto-adjustable mode: With the pandemic necessitating ‘stay at home’ for all individuals, the overall consumption of home appliances has doubled only in the past year. Not only is this usage shooting up your bills but leading to excessive usage of power and water. Investment in appliances with auto-temperature controls and low power consumption will not only save the individual from a lot of operational hassle but also save the environment by conserving natural resources. According to the Usage & Attitude Survey on Air Conditioner Remote by Voltas, 73% of consumers used the Eco-Saver mode while working from home; indicating the rise in awareness about energy-efficient products.

Every consumer can play an important role by actively taking proactive measures to minimize harm to the environment and be responsible towards the planet while using appliances. Using products consciously, taking small steps like giving your products ample time to cool off, plugging out the appliances when not in use, and sending old appliances to an authorized scrap dealer or the original product manufacturer can reduce the chances of irresponsible dumping and burning of the products. Adoption of green technology that aims to develop products are intended to minimize harmful impact on the environment will help us, use the resources judiciously while saving enough for the generations to come.

So next time you buy your new appliance, read the product-related labels carefully and promote mindful consumption of resources.

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