New Apolloware Initiative Expands Reach Of Green Technology


As of Earth Day, April 22, Apolloware, Bandera Electric Cooperative’s proprietary energy analytics platform, will be available to anyone who wants to reduce energy waste. Apolloware is capable of transforming the future of energy for a more sustainable planet.

Apolloware installs on residential homes and commercial buildings and monitors various appliances, solar panel power and inverter, and electric service circuits. The data is securely transmitted to the Apolloware mobile app or website. The user can monitor and alter energy use during peak demand to save money and promote sustainability.

Previously, Apolloware was only available to BEC members, but several utilities have recently incorporated Apolloware into their electric system to deploy personalized data-driven experiences, engage customers in energy efficiency, and deliver a transactive energy platform.

“The software will provide insight into how some of our city-owned facilities, that require large amounts of energy, are running so we can best conserve energy and anticipate possible equipment issues early on,” said Boerne Utilities General Manager Jeff Thompson.

Apolloware helps consumers and utilities visualize how energy is being consumed in real-time, and provides visibility into where power is being used so adjustments can be made to cut costs.

Boerne Mayor Tim Handren said, “I am excited to see the test usage of the software and am optimistic about the prospective to help our residents responsibly harness our natural resources and potentially access cleaner energy sources through the City of Boerne.”

Handren said this could be a great energy-saving tool for Boerne residents.  

“We want to make sure we are providing our residents the ability to get the best bang for their buck, so they can use that information to not only conserve energy, but also optimize their use of it,” said Handren.

Apolloware is an innovative concept developed by BEC and is part of an ongoing effort to transform BEC into an integrated utility offering electric, fiber and energy services to its members.

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