Sungrow EV Charging Released New Chargers in Europe


Sungrow showcased its brand-new EV charging solutions, IDC180E, which is 180kW Integrated DC Fast Charger, and AC22E-01, which is a 22kW AC Residential & Commercial Charger, at the Intersolar Europe in Munich on June 15.

Based on 26 years of experience in power electronics, the two new chargers combine industrial-grade quality with a home appliance-grade user experience for full cycle reliability, optimal efficiency and whole-process user-friendliness. At present, Sungrow offers a series of EV Chargers ranging from 7kW AC to 180kW DC which can cover various scenarios from residential, and semi-public to public.

Full Cycle Reliability

Relying on the world’s top supply chain, advanced product quality management system and leading product design, the reliability of the two new products is fully guaranteed. The new EV chargers have an IP65 high protection level, multiple types of protections, long service lifetime, long-term and consistent operation, fearless of sand, dust, high humidity, salt, fog and other types of harsh outdoor environments, so they can meet the needs of office areas, commercial centres, gas stations, railway stations, airports and other scenarios allover Europe.

Optimal Efficiency

Based on the technological development and platform architecture of the more than 2,000 already installed 120 kW DC Chargers, the new European version with 180 kW DC, the IDC180E, adopts Sungrow’s first integrated technical solution. PV inverters and C&I ESS solution can easily be integrated with this fast charging station of 180 kW.

By selecting cutting-edge semiconductor devices such as silicon carbide, as well as by using a unique topological design it achieves a system efficiency of up to 96%, maximizing energy utilization and reducing energy consumption at charging stations throughout the whole lifetime.

AC22E-01 is equipped with an automatic phase-switching function. When the PV output power is more than 4.3 kW, the system enables a three-phase charging mode. When the PV output power is low, the system automatically switches to single-phase charging to maximize the utilization of PV energy and saves electricity costs. When multiple vehicles charge at the same time, dynamic load management (DLM) technology is used to allocate charging power to keep the power limit while charging multiple electric vehicles simultaneously, maximizing the use of power capacity.

In addition, both EV chargers can be integrated with PV and battery systems to maximize the use of green electricity through batteries at peak prices, making charging more economical and environmentally friendly.

Whole Process User-friendliness

Sungrow EV Charging has always been adhering to the friendly design concept of the whole process from station construction to operation and maintenance, providing efficient and convenient service and user experience for operators. IDC180E and AC22E-01 can be compatible with Sungrow’s PV+ ESS+ Charger Solution, realizing a one-stop deployment, offering also free debugging, and fast charging station deployment. Customers benefit from equipment and services from a premium supplier to make operations and maintenance easier. The innovative design of the AC22E-01 guarantees an easy installation in just 3 steps within 5 minutes.

IDC180E adopts a coolant isolation design, the electronic chamber is completely closed, and the pollution is effectively isolated due to this. The air duct of the power chamber is designed independently and equipped with IP68 cooling fans, guaranteeing to isolate water and facilitating easy maintenance. Compared with the traditional dust-proof cotton design, there is no routine dust removal maintenance and no air filter replacement, which can minimize preventive maintenance efforts.

At the same time, the new EV chargers support multi-mode charging and easy plug-and-play. The data such as charging amount, charging time and charging cost are clear at a glance, providing users with a state-of-the-art charging experience.

Sungrow will continue to promote product research, development and technological innovation, create reliable, efficient and friendly EV charging products for global users, provide intelligent charging integrated solutions, and contribute to zero-carbon energy generated electric vehicles.

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