Sungrow Debuts Its New Generation Residential Solution

Sungrow Debuts Its New Generation Residential Solution during Intersolar Europe 2023


Sungrow debuted its brand-new residential solution during Intersolar Europe 2023, supporting the increasingly accessible and sustainable clean energy demand for homes.

Beyond Powerful

The residential solution integrates the new 3-phase Hybrid inverter, the SH15/20/25T, and the new Battery SBH100-400 series, featuring larger battery capacity, higher power capacity, and higher charging and discharging current, enabling full backup.

This new Battery is configured in a modular design. The Battery module is of a higher capacity of 5kWh. Each unit can be comprised of 2-8 modules. The battery system allows 4 units in parallel, scaled up to 160kWh which refers to 8 modules per unit. The expandable capacity can meet the demand of residential and small-scale commercial and industrial applications. In addition, the battery charging and discharging current is 50A and the hybrid inverter is of a higher power capacity ranging from 15kW to 25kW. The SH15-25T has 3 MPPT and 16A per string, improving power generation.

The solution is ideal to supply power to a broader range of high-power household appliances. When the whole house is installed with up to 43kVA of load power, this complete residential solution can support the whole house in grid parallel mode. In case of a blackout up to 25kVA of load can be supported.

The solution empowers users to enjoy a sustainable and eco-friendly electricity supply. Moreover, it delivers significant cost savings on electricity expenses for families.

Beyond Effortless

The new Battery is designed in a modular and user-friendly configuration. The battery module is assembled by placing the modules on top of one another, no wiring is required. Furthermore, the plug-and-play design ensures easy installation that can be carried out by only one installer in most countries. The terminals on the AC side of the hybrid inverter adopt a snap-on method, enabling faster installation.

In addition, this solution can be monitored and managed via Sungrow’s iSolarCloud platform. The platform shows real-time and detailed plant updates, enables customers to flexibly check energy flow and self-consumption, and effectively controls their renewable energy assets.

Beyond Versatile

The system adopts an ultra-quiet design below 35dB when operating, which protects the family from noise interference. The 50A high current enables battery charging of 25 kWh in one hour, which is easy to meet the urgent energy consumption demand.

The solution offers an optimized residential backup experience, with a seamless transition of only 10ms during a power outage. Since the price of electricity fluctuates, the energy storage system can be instructed to absorb electricity when it is cheap and release it when it is expensive to generate revenue for the customer.

Beyond Safe

The solution also comes with AFCI technology – in case of an arc fault, the inverter’s switches open and interrupt the circuit, improving personal safety, protecting equipment, and preventing damage to the entire system. The technology, with a test accuracy of 99.9%, allows rapid shutdown in 200 milliseconds, and an arc detection distance of 200 meters, ensuring the safe operation of the system. In addition, the solution is equipped with a battery module-level battery fire suppression system, potentially avoiding fires.

The 2050 carbon neutrality target for Europe is a strong driver for solar and energy storage development. With the proliferating adoption of high-powered and intelligent appliances including heat pumps, smart switches, and smart homes, Sungrow is poised to offer more residential solutions with more effective and safer algorithms, powering more applications such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G), vehicle-to-home (V2H), and intelligent microgrids.


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