Jackery to Unveil Exciting New Products at Outdoor Retailers Exhibition


Jackery is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Outdoor Retailers exhibition in Salt Lake CityUSA. The event, taking place from June 19th to 21st, will serve as a platform for Jackery to unveil its highly anticipated product named 2000 Plus, which is set to create a buzz among industry professionals and consumers alike. Jackery invites all exhibition attendees to visit its booth located at booth 20019-CH, covering an area of 110 square meters.

Outdoor Retailers is the largest gathering of outdoor industry professionals in North America. The exhibition has shaped and promoted the outdoor industry by popularizing outdoor activities, introducing new products and technologies, and promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. As a pioneer in the solar generator industry, Jackery has earned global recognition and acclaim for its commitment to sustainable outdoor living and become a top-selling solar generator brand.

Globally, Jackery has been endorsed by more than 200 authorized media outlets and organizations around the world. Esteemed publications such as The New York Times, and CNET consistently rank Jackery among the best solar generator brands. Forbes has hailed Jackery as the “Apple of portable power devices”. The company remains unwavering in its commitment to technological innovation, market orientation, and product excellence amidst the numerous uncertainties in the global market.

The portable energy storage industry is currently in its early stages of development and has not yet made significant progress in the market. However, Jackery acknowledges the potential for growth and the rising popularity of portable energy solutions that encourage eco-friendly and sustainable living. The industry is expected to experience a significant surge in growth in 2023, and Jackery is ready to take advantage of this opportunity to improve its competitive edge. At the upcoming Outdoor Retailers Exhibition, Jackery will showcase its existing products and unveil its latest additions that push the boundaries of off-grid living.

In the meantime, Jackery is steadily building a strong reputation in Europe for its exceptional product functionality, versatility, and outstanding performance, while expanding its market presence in the region. The company is set to unveil its latest technological advancements at the Intersolar Europe 2023, one of the largest annual exhibitions for the solar industry, held from June 14-16 in Munich, Germany.

Looking forward, Jackery has ambitious plans for further expansion. The company aims to have established a presence in over 100 countries and regions by 2025. In line with this vision, the company announced entry into the Australian and South African markets earlier this year, with a strong commitment to powering a greener future.

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