Riello UPS Falls within the Highest Energy Efficiency Level


The Riello UPS product portfolio is fully compliant with the new Code of Conduct (CoC) for the energy efficiency of UPS (2021-2023), which was published in recent days by CEMEP and agreed with the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.

The new version of the CoC establishes the basic rules that manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) located within the EU must follow for energy-efficient equipment, and at the same time increases the efficiency values required compared to the previous edition.

The goal of the new Code of Conduct is to reduce energy consumption (kWh) in Europe as much as possible by maximizing the energy efficiency of the UPS; with these latest directives the definition of efficiency is closer to the real conditions of use as it is based on a weighted average of the values at 25%, 50% and 75% load. Therefore, the efficiency at full load, which is difficult to find in practice, is no longer considered; it is a more realistic definition, and at the same time more stringent than the previous one.

Riello UPS is proud to note that, according to the new classification, all current Riello UPS ranges, with the exception of some models for specific applications, exceed the requirements of the highest level of energy efficiency identified as “Elite”. This is an important recognition and will be an incentive to continue investing in research and the introduction of increasingly efficient models.

The goal of the new Code of Conduct applies to uninterruptible AC (alternating current) groups for the three types: ON LINE double conversion, LINE INTERACTIVE, and OFF LINE.

Based on the new classification, the entire range of Riello UPS products far exceeds the requirements and standards of the new regulation and is thus awarded the highest level of energy efficiency identified as “Elite”.

The “Elite” level, which will distinguish high energy efficiency UPSs, is important because it will also be used within the specific Code of Conduct for Data Centers: in fact, the parameters of the Code stipulates new Data Centers must only install UPS compliant with the “CoC for UPS Elite requirements”, such as the Riello UPS uninterruptible power supplies.

Riello UPS, with a range of products consisting of devices with performances significantly higher than the standards established by the European Commission, confirms itself at the forefront in the design and construction of top efficiency models.

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