Schneider and REV Introduced the Altivar Process ATV6000


MISSISSAUGA, ON – Schneider Electric and Calgary-based REV have teamed up to bring Western Canada improved operational control with Altivar Process ATV6000. ATV6000, a services-oriented medium voltage drive designed to meet operational and maintenance challenges, delivers application-specific solutions across a range of industries including mining, mineral and metals; oil and gas; power plants; water and wastewater. The partnership combines the research and development of Schneider Electric with the customization expertise from REV to deliver the best medium voltage drive solution for operational excellence. 

As a certified Medium Voltage EcoXpert Panel Builder, REV has over 30-years of experience and extensive knowledge of switchgear, VFD enclosures, E-houses, heat exchanger cooling and fan forced ventilating systems. With this certification, REV leverages Schneider Electric’s top technologies to design, manufacture, test, and sell certified medium voltage switchboards and can now extend its expertise to add even more value to the Altivar product line.

“We are excited to partner with REV to introduce an innovative MV Drive solution to our customers in Western Canada. As an organisation we are focussed on driving maximum value for our customers. Partnering with local experts to build and implement solutions that are geared towards driving efficiency, a high level of customization, flexibility for modifications & extensions and 24/7 access to services is aligned with our ‘Customer First’ vision.”  said Sanjith Singh, Vice President, Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric Canada “Our alliance with REV is the first strategic step in that direction for MV Drives and we look forward to forging similar regional partnerships in Central and Eastern Canada.”

The Altivar Process ATV6000 is the first service-oriented drive for the industrial processes and utilities market. Equipped with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor, a cloud-enabled remote monitoring service, ATV6000 provides preventive and predictive management based on real-time assessments and analytics, helping users identify downtime and technical issues before they occur. By transforming data into digestible information and insights, the ATV6000 helps operations run more efficiently and safely while reducing overall energy consumption.

“The partnership leverages Schneider Electric’s world-class products with REV’s unique position of being able to offer services through the life cycle of an MV Drive starting from sales, product engineering, commissioning to packaging, installation, warranty, maintenance, retrofits, and 24/7 local services. When customers select the ATV6000, they receive a customized end-to-end solution that encompasses the entire life cycle of the product.” Added Shawn Oldenburger, C.E.T, Principal, REV.

The ATV6000 uses the latest Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) and embedded intelligence innovation to help businesses achieve greater process optimization, improved energy management, and enhanced asset management. For a detailed technical overview of the Altivar Process ATV6000.

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