New state-wide poll shows Mainers’ Support for the Clean Energy

42% are in favor of the project, which will boost Maine's economy and drive down carbon emissions, 35% are opposed and the rest are undecided.


A state-wide poll conducted during the second week of January 2021 shows that there is clear support for the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) project in Maine. Our poll of 500 Maine voters found a plurality of Mainers support the corridor. Forty-two percent (42%) support the project, while just 35% are opposed.

Hydro-Québec has been hearing positive feedback from Mainers across the state who are enthusiastic about the project. This January 2021 poll was conducted to verify support for the NECEC. It shows that claims of widespread opposition to the New England Clean Energy Connect project in Maine are wrong.

Hydro-Québec values fact-based information and will continue to inform Mainers about the project and its benefits.

Mainers concerned about oil & gas companies funding opposition to the powerline

The survey also reveals that most Mainers are concerned about the fact that opposition to the Clean Energy Corridor is funded by the fossil fuel industry. A majority (55%) of Maine voters say they are concerned that NECEC opponents get funding from out-of-state oil and gas companies. An even stronger majority (62%) say they do not trust these companies to help determine Maine’s energy future – just 14% say they do trust them.

Polling questions

1. As you may know, the Clean Energy Corridor would be a transmission line in Maine that would bring hydropower from Québec to Maine and New England. It has received all the necessary permits and clearances from federal and state authorities so far. Generally speaking, would you say you support building the transmission line?

Yes 42%

No 35%

Don’t know 23%

2. The opposition to the Clean Energy Corridor gets funding from out of state energy companies, including oil and gas companies who want to keep selling fossil fuel for energy generation in Maine. How concerned are you that it is being funded by these companies?

Very or somewhat concerned 55%

Not too concerned or not at all concerned 36%

Don’t Know 9%

3. Would you say you trust or do not trust out-of-state oil and gas companies to help determine Maine’s energy future?

Trust 14%

Don’t Trust 62%

Don’t Know 24%

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