magniX Unveils Optimized-for-Flight Electric Units

magni350 and magni650 on the path to FAA certification


EVERETT, Wash., – magniX, the company powering the electric aviation revolution, has officially unveiled the magni350 and magni650 Electric Propulsion Units (EPUs), the latest advancements of the company’s market-leading flight-proven EPU product offerings. Based on thousands of ground test and flight hours, these EPUs have been optimized for real-world commercial aviation applications to further accelerate the path to certification for electric aircraft and bring the future of electric aviation closer to reality.

Over the past few years, magniX has been powering commercial-grade electric aircraft such as the eBeaver and the eCaravan. Using key learnings from these ongoing flights and robust ground testing, magniX has introduced a series of enhanced features to enable an even more simplified, reliable and convenient adoption of all-electric power

The 450 SHP- / 350kW- / 1600 Nm-class magni350 EPU and the larger 850 SHP- / 650kW- / 3200 Nm-class magni650 EPU share flight-proven solutions and common-core architecture and utilize the new high-performance magniDrive-100, a 170kW inverter / motor controller power electronics unit.

Operating at 2300 rpm or less, the direct-drive EPUs are liquid cooled and designed for 30,000 feet of altitude in unpressurized environments. Both systems can drive a propeller governor and standard aircraft accessories, all from the front cone of each motor.

Offering a market-leading combination of power, efficiency and reliability, the magni350 and magni650 EPUs are ready to deliver world-class environmental performance at substantially lower operating costs.

“Based on real-world design, build and operational testing, we’re making incredible strides to push the aviation industry forward and accelerate the rate at which aircraft become electric,” said Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX. “The magni350 and magni650 EPUs enable affordable, emission-free and quieter flights to communities around the world in the very near future.”

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