JA Solar Achieves Sixth “Top Performer” Rank in PVEL PV Module


BEIJING – Leading solar module reliability and performance testing laboratory PVEL (PV Evolution Labs) recently released its 2021 PVEL PV Module Reliability Scorecard, presenting publicly available comprehensive solar module reliability test results. The Scorecard is a key guide for solar project developers, financiers, asset owners and operators in choosing cost-effective and high-performance solar modules. The PVEL Scorecard lists the results of PV module reliability test on strict standards– notably more rigorous than those of regularly adopted standards.

Due to its outstanding product performance, JA Solar was recognized as a “Top Performer” for the sixth time.

The 2021 Scorecard is a detailed summary of test results lasting an 18-month long period.  The PV module “Product Qualification Program (PQP)” includes tests and analysis on thermal cycling (TC600), damp heat (DH2000), potential-induced degradation (PID192), light-induced degradation (LID), light and elevated temperature-induced degradation (LeTID), and more. In comparison with most standardized tests, PQP is more rigorous in terms of both conditions and sequences, and consequently the results obtained  are more detailed and significant for practical module application scenarios. Being named as “Top Performer” by PVEL is a precious recognition of quality and excellent performance   of JA Solar’s PV products.

As a leading solar module manufacturer, JA Solar puts  R&D and innovation the first. JA Solar PV products are widely recognized by global customers for their quality, reliability, and long-term power generation.  JA Solar’s DeepBlue 3.0 module series, launched in 2020, were awarded the “Energy Yield Stimulation AQM Award 2020 – Monofacial Mono Group” by TÜV Rheiland. Those high-efficiency modules are widely acclaimed for their energy yield performance and installed all around the world for ground-mounted PV plants, rooftop PV systems, floating PV plants, and PV agriculture integrated solar systems, etc.

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