Risen Energy launched of NewT@N, first mass-produced 700W High-Efficiency Power Module

NewT@N module powers global green energy revolution and ushers in era of net zero emissions


NINGBO, China, – Risen Energy Co., Ltd (“Risen Energy”), a leading Tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic products, captured the attention of exhibitors and attendees with the launch of NewT@N, the industry’s first mass-produced solar module with up to 700W output.

Unveiled on June 3, the NewT@N module heralds the arrival of the PV 7.0 era and promises more stable performance and higher power generation in a single 210mm-sized silicon wafer. NewT@N is short for New Tunneling oxide/amorphous-Si (@) N-type technology. The ‘@’ stands for the combined passivation of oxide (o) and amorphous-Si (a). Through NewT@N technology, Risen Energy is able to solve the high surface recombination rate issue of traditional PERC cell on metal areas which improves Voc and cell efficiency. NewT@N is the latest example of how Risen Energy is harnessing its industry-leading module technology to meet the mounting global demand for a green energy revolution and is doing its part to reach the goal of net zero emissions.

“As the world continues its journey towards a carbon-neutral future, installed green energy capacity is growing at a rapid pace. Hundreds of new companies have emerged in the market, and the PV industry is facing an unprecedented surge of opportunities and challenges. At Risen Energy, our national-level scientific research institutions and international-certified laboratories have enabled us to be at the forefront of this transformation. With our latest PV modules based on a 210mm silicon wafer platform, we can effectively drive down the cost per kilowatt-hour, generate the highest revenue possible for customers, and contribute to the global reduction of carbon emissions,” said the Company.

The NewT@N 700W high-power solar module uses advanced technologies, such as the non-destructive slicing of half-cut solar cells, multi-busbar (MBB) and high-density packaging, to improve efficiency and effectively reduce the risk of cell cracking and hotspots. Furthermore, the module combines the advantages of, and complements, both TOPCon and HJT next-generation solar cell technologies. As a result, NewT@N boasts an overall module efficiency of 22.5 percent, with controlled costs under mass-production standards.

NewT@N is also a shining example of Risen Energy’s new low voltage, high current series. Low voltage products, such as 210mm-sized silicon wafers, can carry higher loads and house more installed capacity. Based on estimates compared to traditional 182mm-sized modules with 540W output, NewT@N significantly increases power generation efficiency and stable performance while reducing costs. The module delivers a 6.6 percent reduction in floor space and a 29.63 percent increase in installed capacity — lowering overall BOS costs by between 6.68 and 8.95 percent, and LCOE costs by between 4.84 and 6.16 percent.

With the PV 7.0 era fast approaching, the launch of NewT@N is poised to push the industry to new heights. Looking ahead, Risen Energy will continue to leverage its leading technologies to remain up-to-date with current power generation outlets, promote the reduction of LCOE costs, and ultimately bring greater benefits to customers. At the same time, the company will continually invest in R&D in order to meet the needs of the green energy revolution and usher in the global era of net zero emissions.

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