E-Fill Electric’s Wish List for EV Charging Industry in the Upcoming Union Budget


New Delhi, India – E-Fill Electric (EFEV Charging Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) has outlined its wish list for the forthcoming Union Budget, emphasizing key actions to promote the adoption and infrastructure development of electric vehicles (EVs) across the country.

Mayank Jain, Founder & CEO of E-Fill Electric, highlighted several key priorities aimed at fostering a robust EV charging ecosystem:

  1. Increased Allocation for FAME Scheme: E-Fill Electric urges the government to enhance allocation under the FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles) scheme to accelerate EV adoption and manufacturing capabilities in India.
  2. Tax Incentives for EV Charging Businesses: Lowering GST on EV charging equipment and operational costs shall ensure affordability and promote widespread deployment of charging infrastructure.
  3. Investment in Skilled Workforce: E-Fill Electric stresses the importance of investing in training programs to develop a skilled workforce proficient in EV charging installation, maintenance, and repair, vital for sustaining the industry’s growth.
  4. Streamlined Land Acquisition Procedures: The Company recommends measures to streamline land acquisition procedures for EV charging companies, potentially through designated zones or expedited approvals, to facilitate speedy infrastructure expansion.
  5. Public-Private Partnerships: E-Fill Electric advocates for incentivising partnerships between public and private entities to expedite the development and deployment of EV charging infrastructure nationwide.
  6. Research and Development Incentives: The budget should incentivise research and development in EV charging technology, including support for indigenous manufacturing of charging equipment to encourage innovation and self-reliance.
  7. Subsidies for EV Chargers: E-Fill Electric suggests introducing subsidies or low-interest loan schemes to encourage individuals and businesses to install EV chargers at homes and workplaces, enhancing convenience and accessibility.
  8. Grid Modernization: Prioritizing grid modernisation projects is essential to accommodate the increased electricity demand from EVs, ensuring reliable and sustainable power supply.

Mr. Mayank Jain expressed confidence that these measures, if implemented, will not only boost the EV ecosystem but also align with India’s vision of sustainable and inclusive mobility solutions.

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