BLUETTI Launched Expandable Power Station AC200MAX and AC300

Even more powerful heavy-duty power stations, yet still highly flexible.


MÜNCHEN, Germany — The game-changing BLUETTI AC200 power station was initially released to the public on July 1st, 2020. After pulling in a staggering $6.7M US dollars on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and having sold tens of thousands of units over the past year, BLUETTI has continued working on making significant improvements to their power stations by listening to their customers. Today, they are delighted to announce the culmination of this work over the past year.

The Mega Release In Europe

After half a year of their release in the United States, BLUETTI is finally bringing their new power beasts to the European Market today: The portable power stations AC200MAXAC300, and the expandable battery modules B230 & B300.

AC300: 3kW, 12.3kWh. HUGE Leap Forward

AC300 follows BLUETTI’s classic design language of their AC series, but it does NOT come with an internal battery pack. For a heavy-duty unit like AC300, this new modular design not only significantly reduces the weight of every single unit but also allows users to replace any or all batteries to mate with AC300. In addition, since it’s modular, we can carry them individually.

What Makes AC300 Stand Out:

  • 100% modular and up to four B300 battery modules supported to a total of 12,288Wh.
  • Being modular brings better flexibility. All together, the machine ways too much to transport, but individually, each part is highly portable. 
  • LFP cells with 3500+ lifecycles before reaching its 80% capacity (10-year service life if one cycle a day)
  • Go full-time solar with the capability of receiving 2400W unrivaled MPPT solar charging input!
  • A 3000W pure sine wave inverter to adjust the AC charging rate (Only one charging cable is needed)
  • Up to 5400W power input when being charged simultaneously with solar and AC in a combination of two or more B300 battery modules. 
  • Smart App.

AC200MAX: An All-round Upgraded Successor

Despite looking identical to the AC200P, there have been many changes and improvements that make the AC200MAX an attractive solar generator.

AC200MAX is the first modular solar power station from BLUETTI. A reliable power station for off-grid life, emergency, and camping trips.

The device has faster solar and AC charging options. Solar charging possesses a 900W (10-145V) input, while AC is charging features a 500W charging inlet. It can also be recharged via an EV station, a solar roof, wind turbines, a regular gas generator, or 12V/24V lead-acid batteries. 

AC200MAX supports Bluetooth connection and can be controlled wirelessly with the new BLUETTI App. And it supports up to two additional battery packs, using either B230 or B300. With two B300, AC200MAX can get a massive 8192Wh capacity!


BLUETTI has listed AC300 & B300, AC200MAX on its Amazon store at and, where several bundles with extra battery packs and solar panels are also available.

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