ZOOZ Power Boosts Ultrafast Charging on Cross-Israel Highway


⦁ ZOOZ Power has installed its flywheel-based power boosting and management solution at a second site on Route 6, the Cross-Israel Highway, one of Israel’s most congested transportation corridors, in partnership with Dor-Alon and AfconEV following its first installation in May, 2024
⦁ Using stored kinetic energy from its flywheels and its energy management software, ZOOZ Power supplements the grid power, maximizing charging infrastructure utilization
⦁ The two installations more than double the potential ultrafast charging capacity at each of the two sites without upgrading the grid
⦁ With the completion of these second installation, it is the first time that 4x 150kW ultra-fast chargers are available with only a 300kW grid connection (previously only 1x 150kW and 2 x 100kW charges where available) are available in one site and in the other site 3x 150kW with only 200kW grid are available (previously with 1x150kW and 1x 50kW chargers)
⦁ Installation underscores ZOOZ Power’s ability to unlock ultra-fast EV charging, potentially maximizing site revenue for CPOs without investing in grid upgrades

Tel-Aviv – ZOOZ POWER Ltd. announced that its innovative power boosting and management solution has been installed and is operational at a second Dor-Alon station on Route 6, the Cross-Israel Highway, following the rollout of its first Dor-Alon station booster in May 2024.

These new installations, are a joint venture between ZOOZ Power, Dor-Alon, a leading gas station network operator, and Afcon Electric Transportation, a leading charge point operator (CPO) in Israel.

ZOOZ Power’s system works by dynamically managing charging while using stored kinetic energy to supplement limited grid supply, maximizing infrastructure utilization without costly upgrades, and increasing revenue opportunities for the sites owner.

These sites are the first in the world where four 150kW ultra-fast chargers are boosted by flywheel technology while powered with only a 300kW grid connection, avoiding the need to upgrade the site to 600kW connection. They will potentially meet the increasing demand for ultra-fast charging capabilities and enhance services for EV drivers along one of Israel’s busiest routes.
Avi Cohen, Executive Chairman of ZOOZ Power said:

“Our latest collaboration with Dor-Alon and AfconEV is ushering in a new era of ultra-fast charging. This partnership marks another important milestone in advancing ultra-fast charging services and enhancing driving experiences for EV drivers. By optimizing limited grid infrastructure through intelligent energy management, we are enabling significant increase in revenue and facilitating profitable ultrafast charging rollouts. These advancements would be unattainable without massive upfront grid investments.”

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