Zeta Energy, Log9 Materials Collaborate for Battery System Innovation


Zeta Energy Corporation, the foremost producer of lithium-sulfur batteries globally has partnered with Log9 Materials, a leading developer in advanced battery cell technology and electric vehicle mobility ecosystem products.

The collaboration brings substantial advantages to both firms. Zeta Energy’s innovative Li-S materials hold the promise of opening up new avenues for Log9 to enhance overall cell performance. Log9 will develop advanced energy storage systems with improved range, stability, and cost-effectiveness by utilising these materials in their packs and modules. Moreover, Log9’s expertise in integrating battery systems will provide Zeta with valuable data to validate their Li-S materials. Both companies anticipate that the partnership will produce insights for further optimising lithium-sulfur batteries for a variety of market applications.

In October 2023, LOHUM and Log9 announced a collaboration for addressing the pressing issue of sustainable battery disposal within the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

In April 2023, Log9 Materials launched a lithium-ion cell production plant in Bengaluru’s site.

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