Yuchai Xin-Lan Launches Hybrid Powertrain System


China Yuchai International Limited announced that GYMCL’s subsidiary, Yuchai Xin-Lan New Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yuchai Xin-Lan“) has introduced the Yuchai Xinlan S06-100kW P1 parallel hybrid powertrain system for SANY Group’s 12-cubic-meter mixer trucks. SANY Group is a large global engineering machinery manufacturer.

The S06-100kW P1 hybrid powertrain features Yuchai Xin-Lan’s proprietary control software that intelligently coordinates and controls the engine, electric motor and automated mechanical transmission (AMT) gearbox. The hybrid powertrain was designed to shift automatically for different working environments and to optimize engine performance. Fuel consumption is improved due to reduced sudden acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle, and excessive idling of the engine.

One key feature is the significant fuel savings achieved from automatic engine shutdown and restart during commuting in congested traffic.

S06-100kW P1-powered SANY 12-cubic meter diesel-electric hybrid powertrain mixer trucks can achieve high fuel savings as the system automatically recognizes the changing road conditions and seamlessly switches among economy, standard and mountainous modes to provide the best fuel economy and power combinations for these different road conditions.

Mr. Weng Ming Hoh, president of China Yuchai, commented, “SANY is a large construction equipment producer and we are pleased that SANY has chosen our new system. In a recent test of over 20,000 kilometers across 4 provinces, this new SANY hybrid mixer truck outperformed its traditional diesel mixer truck with significant fuel savings. The S06-100kW P1 system can be applied to a number of other commercial vehicles as well.”

Yuchai Xin-Lan was incorporated in August 2021 to research, develop and construct new production capacity for GYMCL’s new energy technologies including fuel cell systems, range extenders, hybrid power, electric drive systems, etc.

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