Workruit’s New Platform Quadruples Placements for HR Firms


Hyderabad : Workruit announced the launch of its end-to-end Recruitment Platform, designed to empower staffing agencies, HR consultancies and businesses of all sizes. This AI powered platform streamlines every stage of the recruitment process, from talent acquisition and candidate matching to interview scheduling & placement, benefiting both recruiters and job seekers with its comprehensive suite of automated tools. By allowing staffing enterprises and consultancy firms to tailor it to their needs, Workruit enhances their reach and growth within their network and customer base.

Today’s work environment presents unique challenges for staffing companies as they struggle to place and find opportunities for candidates. Key issues include a lack of professional resumes, candidate screening overload, skills mismatches, time-consuming candidate engagement, and manual processes. Workruit addresses these challenges head-on, offering a comprehensive solution for talent acquisition and recruitment that ensures efficiency and inclusivity for all stakeholders.

Workruit’s platform stands out as a holistic career development and job search solution. Leveraging its expertise in mobile applications and experiences across Android, iOS, and web platforms, Workruit offers an AI-powered resume builder and upskilling services, providing job seekers a competitive edge. With a vast talent pool of over 2 million resumes and partnerships with 500 educational institutions and agencies, it provides abundant opportunities. By facilitating connections between educational institutions, staffing firms, recruitment agencies, and over 2,500 medium to large-scale enterprises, the platform streamlines the hiring process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Through this launch, Workruit aims to significantly increase placements by 4X and enhance team productivity by 10X.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Manikanth Challa, Founder & CEO of Workruit, said, “Our Recruitment Platform marks a new era of efficiency in the rapidly evolving talent acquisition landscape. In today’s fast-paced business climate, agility and innovation are crucial. This platform introduces innovative features like Mobile App for Candidate Experience, Easy Talent Management, automated candidate screening. Our vision is to empower staffing firms and HR consultancies with tools to improve placements and productivity. This launch is a pivotal step in helping our partners drive informed decision-making and achieve sustainable business growth.”

By providing technology to assist placement services for individuals and facilitating swift candidate sourcing for businesses, Workruit ensures comprehensive support throughout the recruitment process. Trusted by leading employers like Just Dial, Uber, and Amazon, Workruit stands as a testament to modern recruitment excellence, benefiting both enterprises and job seekers alike.

Unlike traditional solutions, Workruit’s Recruitment platform is fully customizable, allowing organizations to tailor the recruitment process to their unique needs. The software seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, fostering transparency and enhancing operational efficiency.

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