Wallbox Launched Eco-Smart, An Energy Management Feature Designed

Eco-Smart allows Wallbox users to charge their electric vehicle with solar or wind energy at home. This embedded smart feature is now available in all European countries, Australia, and Latin America, and is coming soon to the US


BARCELONA, Spain – Wallbox, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions worldwide, launches Eco-Smart, the company’s first energy management feature specifically designed to charge with clean energy at home. Users are now able to maximize their clean energy consumption, as well as improve their return on investment on solar panels or other clean energy generating installations.

With Eco-Smart, Wallbox joins just a handful of charging manufacturers in Europe who currently enable EV charging with self-generated clean energy. The launch of Eco-Smart comes just one week after the company unveiled Sirius, its innovative energy management system designed to maximise renewable energy for commercial spaces, and further expands the company’s portfolio of green energy management solutions.

“We know that EV drivers are significantly more likely to have solar panels installed at their homes, so it was important to innovate in a way that would support the needs and goals of our users.” said Eduard Castañeda, CPO and co-founder of Wallbox. “Eco-Smart will further accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation by allowing EV drivers  to use renewable energy in the smartest and most efficient way possible.”

Eco-Smart is controlled through the company’s proprietary app, myWallbox, and can be accessed by all users for free. The new feature, which is now available throughout Europe, Australia, and Latin America, and soon to be available in the U.S, also ensures greater control and flexibility with two modes to choose from;

  • Full-Green mode uses exclusively green energy to charge a car, detecting when there is enough surplus green energy available at the home to meet the minimum requirements needed to power an EV. Only when these requirements are met will the EV begin charging, ensuring that every charge is 100% green.
  • Eco mode minimizes the use of grid power while charging the EV by utilizing any surplus green energy available. The software detects the green energy that is not being used elsewhere in a home in real-time and mixes it with energy from the grid to ensure an efficient charge.

Eco-Smart now comes standard with Pulsar Plus, Wallbox’s best-selling charger, and Copper SB and requires connection to a compatible energy meter.


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