VLV Completed 1.1MW Solar Facility Micro-Grid Cluster Powering 660 Units of Public Housing


CHICAGO- VLV Development (VLV) has announced completion of a first of its kind 1.1MW solar facility that is part of the Bronzeville Micro-Grid Cluster in one of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods. 

In collaboration with the local utility and other stakeholders, VLV financed, designed and delivered the solar installation located at Dearborn Homes, a 17-building public housing development serving 660 units of federally subsidized housing. VLV worked with local minority solar trainers, contractors and distributors to support the system’s installation. VGI Energy Solutions, LLC, VLV’s energy division, will provide the operations and maintenance of the facility.

At Dearborn Homes, VLV designed and installed approximately 3,000 solar panels across 16 low-income high-rise buildings, the management office and two ground mounted solar arrays. The smart technology includes 22 inverters with the ability to communicate with the utility’s master controller to support islanding and data gathering across Dearborn Homes’ vast campus. Over the past five years, VLV has installed 1.5MW of solar energy on commercial and residential buildings, churches, as well as ground mount solar facilities in the city of Chicago.

“The Dearborn Homes project is an example of transformative action, brought together to protect vulnerable communities while providing community resilient power,” says Faustina Vincent, Managing Partner, VGI Energy Solutions, LLC.

This project will provide the Chicago Housing Authority, Dearborn Homes, a direct savings in excess of $800,000 over the term of the Power Purchase Agreement. The project created 50 direct and indirect full- and part-time jobs for Black and Brown residents and represents a $4.5 million direct investment in clean energy infrastructure.

“We’re making clean energy and resilience accessible, profitable and affordable across the urban landscape,” says Van Vincent, CEO, VLV Development.

Through innovative projects such as the Bronzeville Community Microgrid, VLV Development is helping Chicago become one of the nation’s most resilient cities.

For more information, please visit www.vlvdevelopment.com.

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