USA’s Best Looking Solar Panels – Silfab Elite – Now on Rooftops

Homeowners Choosing the Newest American-Made, Powerful and Sleekest-Looking Panels


Homes across the United States are now producing clean energy from the industry’s best-looking, most powerful solar panels on the market. The first installations of the Silfab ELITE PV modules, manufactured by North America’s highest-rated solar company, are occurring in states from Kentucky to California.

“Silfab panels are an excellent option for our customers looking for U.S.-made, high-quality, high- efficiency panels. The sleek look of the Silfab panels are a perfect option for us when aesthetics are a top priority, like from an HOA approval board or as an array on the front of a home,” said Jeffery Nazarko, vice president of sales and marking at Solar Energy Solutions (SES) in Kentucky. “We have many customers who appreciate both the U.S.-made content and the quality of the Silfab Elite panel.”

Solar Energy Solutions owner Matt Partymiller added, “As an Amicus Solar Cooperative member, we’ve been a long-time Silfab partner and are excited to adopt their newest, high-efficiency module in our installs. In addition, the 25-year materials warranty and 30-year linear power performance guarantee are a real value to our customers and provide the peace of mind that they have a system that will produce reliably for decades.”

Silfab ELITE utilizes the company’s proprietary X-pattern technology, which combines an integrated cell design with an innovative conductive backsheet to create a more efficient and powerful solar panel.
Manufactured exclusively in Washington at one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the United States, Silfab ELITE produces 410 watts of power with a 21.4 percent efficiency rating and carries one of the best warranties in the business.

For one Lexington homeowner, the choice to install solar at their home was seen as a way to reduce electricity costs while doing their part to combat the causes of climate change. This was their second solar installation – the first being in Utah about six years ago. Since then, the cost of solar has dropped while the efficiency of panels has increased.

“After reading the plans for our local power generation companies, it was clear that they had no intention of shifting to renewables in any meaningful manner – and given the age of their existing generation fleet, it was obvious that costs would increase, likely significantly, and possibly sooner, rather than later,” said homeowner Mark Payton.

The homeowner surveyed several solar installations companies and considered SES the most professional with the best combination of price, quality of materials, and timely delivery. The all-black look and power production of the Silfab Elite solar panels were also a key factor in his final decision.

As the first solar installation in an older rural subdivision on the outskirts of Fayette County, the local homeowners association had some initial reservations. But those concerns were quickly alleviated when the board was shown photos of the all-black Silfab Elite panels and how they would easily blend in with the existing shingles.

With manufacturing facilities across North America to serve the expanding U.S. market, Silfab utilizes best-in-class automation for ultra-high efficiency module production, leverages partnerships for next- generation technology applications, and offers 30-year performance warranties for its full line of solar panels. Rigorous testing and quality assurance measures, matched by superior customer service, contribute to Silfab being consistently ranked as a top choice for solar panels for durability and efficiency.

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