Trina Solar Received Dual EPD Certifications from UL


Trina Solar has recently obtained dual “Environmental Product Declaration” (EPD) certifications from UL, the global independent safety science certification institute, and EPDItaly, which is the first time UL and EPDItaly mutually recognized EPD in the photovoltaic industry, proving the Company’s environmental performance and sustainability. The recognition ceremony was held on Jan. 13th in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. CAO Bo, Deputy General Manager of Trina Solar, and SHI Jun, General Manager of UL-CCIC Company Limited, attended the ceremony.

Complying with the industry standards of ISO 14025 and EN 15804, the EPD certification is a safety validation for sustainable products. By tracking full-process environmental impact, as the raw material obtainment, manufacturing and processing, transportation, production utility, and recycling, EPD certification provides photovoltaic investors and owners with the authoritative environmental performance of solar products or services to simplify their decision. Each EPD is valid for five years and is applicable to the European, North American, and global markets, indicating Trina Solar’s products meet the sustainable standards globally.

In the European market, Trina Solar provides photovoltaic products to many international utility-scale customers. With the growing concerns about global climate change, expectations for sustainable development are increasing. It is expected that EPD certification will become a necessity for bidding throughout Europe and other markets in the future. As to the end customers, according to recent research, more than 60% of European consumers are concerned about the state of the environment. The independent third-party EPD certification provides customers with high-quality environmental product information and underpins Trina Solar’s incessant environmental efforts.

The global demand for renewable energy such as solar energy is rising, especially in Europe and North America. According to estimates by the International Energy Agency, solar PV power generation will account for one-third of the world’s total energy by 2030. Trina Solar, as the world’s leading green energy provider of integrated smart energy solutions, strives to establish a future-oriented, cleaner, and sustainable energy supply system, and use solar energy to benefit all mankind.

“Obtaining EPD certificates will further promote Trina Solar’s environmental protection and innovation Trina Solar is constantly devoted to developing solar pv modules of higher efficiency and environmentally friendliness. Trina Solar will also spare efforts to further resolve the contradiction between technological development and resource consumption, to explore new paths for sustainable development, and to establish a cleaner and sustainable energy supply system for all mankind,” stated Mr. Bo Cao, Deputy General Manager of Trina Solar.

Mr. Jun Shi, General Manager of UL-CCIC Company Limited also commented that it is of great honor to witness Trina Solar’s efforts and achievements in sustainability development. The obtained EPD certificates also represent Trina Solar’s commitment to the whole society as a corporation.

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