SJVN issues tender for 1,500 MW wind-solar hybrid projects


SJVN Green Energy Limited has issued a request for proposals for the selection of developers for developing 1,500 MW inter-state transmission system connected wind-solar hybrid projects. The projects will be located in India.

According to the tender guidelines, the bidders are required to submit earnest money deposit equaling Rs 1.22 million per MW of the quoted capacity. SJVN will act as intermediate nodal agency, which intends to purchase power from hybrid power developers or generators and sell the power received from these projects to various organisations within India. The company will enter into a 25-year power purchase agreement with the developers. The projects’ execution will not see any separate financial assistance from central government.

For projects connected to ISTS, the bidders are required to offer a minimum capacity of 50 MW or above. Nevertheless, it is mandated that the rated power capacity of either the wind or solar resource must make up a minimum of 33 per cent of the total contracted capacity, with 750 MW as the maximum power quantity. A bidder, encompassing its parent, affiliate, ultimate parent, or any group company, must submit a single bid, proposing a contracted capacity within the specified formats, with a minimum of 50 MW and a maximum of 750 MW. The proposals for projects must be submitted in multiples of 10 MW.

Furthermore, SJVN has mandated the use of indigenously manufactured solar modules listed in LIST-I of the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers. Additionally, under the tender, only wind-turbine models issued by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, listed in Revised list of Models and Manufacturers will be allowed.

Recently, in January 2024, SJVN obtained the government’s approval to establish four joint venture entities for the advancement of hydro and renewable projects, combining a total capacity of 8,778 MW in both India and Nepal.

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