Relux raises Rs 2.5 billion for expansion of hyper EV charging stations


Relux Electric, an Indian electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure company, has obtained Rs 2.5 billion in project funding from a consortium of real estate and infrastructure investors. The company intends to utilise the capital to extend its hyper charging station network along the highways in Southern India.

Within the next eight months, Relux Electric intends to add 20 new hyper EV charging stations. The company is now purchasing designated land lots along popular routes such as NH 44, NH 45, and NH 556. With a minimum capacity of 1 MW, each charging station is anticipated to take up one to 1.5 acres of space.

The company runs more than 100 charging stations spanning Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh, specifically designed for private vehicle use. The company also intends to swiftly grow its network of charging stations by exploring alternative funding avenues. Furthermore, it plans to establish a new division specifically targeting fleet operators and owners of commercial vehicles, enabling them to install AC charging stations at their premises.

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