Nayara Energy invests Rs 6 billion to develop ethanol production facility


Nayara Energyhas unveiled a strategic commitment of Rs 6 billion to establish ethanol plants. The corporation operates extensive private fuel network, and the establishment of ethanol plants will signify a notable stride toward accomplishing downward integration within the energy domain.

Aligned with the Indian government’s ethanol blending objective for 2025, Nayara Energy intends to establish two ethanol production facilities, each with a production capacity of 200 kilo liters per day (KLPD), in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The company has already secured land in both states, in collaboration with the respective state governments, for the proposed plants.

The company’s objective is to progressively expand its plant count to five, achieving an ethanol production capacity of approximately 1,000 KLPD. This expansion aligns with a focus on enhancing value in retail operations and ensuring the long-term reliability of the Ethanol Blending Programme.

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