Pulse Energy Joins with chargeZone, 20+ Networks to Boost EV Charging Access


Pulse Energy has collaborated with ChargeZone and over 20 charging networks throughout India, focusing on delivering a cohesive electric vehicle (EV) charging experience for individual EV users and fleets. Fleet operators now have the opportunity to collaborate directly with Pulse Energy, gaining affordable and easily accessible charging options across more than 20 charging networks, regardless of their location in India. For individual EV users, the option to download any of Pulse Energy’s applications, such as the InstaCharge app, provides access to the entire network, enabling users to initiate and conclude charging sessions at over 2,000 fast chargers.

By this, Pulse Energy contributes to the establishment of a novel open EV charging network based on the ONDC framework, named unified energy interface. The recent collaboration with ChargeZone strengthens Pulse Energy’s network by incorporating more than 400 CCS2 chargers, strategically positioned along all major highways in the nation.

Pulse Energy holds a prominent position as an EV charger aggregator and charger management gateway in India. Various EV original equipment manufacturers, prominent fleet operators in India, and individual EV drivers rely on their platform for their daily charging requirements. Pulse Energy offers an advanced cloud-based energy management solution that empowers charge point operators to operate their hubs and stations profitably. This is achieved through comprehensive analytics, collaboration with trusted hardware partners, and the provision of customised white-labeled solutions.

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