Nxtra Secures Agreement for 140 GWh Renewable Energy to Power Data Centers


Nxtra has announced a power-wheeling agreement with Ampln Energy Transition and Amplus Energy to secure an additional 140,208 MWh of renewable energy. This move amplifies Nxtra’s current dedication to an annual reduction of approximately 99,547 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) in its carbon footprint through the utilisation of renewable energy sources.

AmpIn Energy Transition and Amplus Energy will establish captive solar and wind power facilities with capacities of 48 MWdc and 24.3 MW, respectively, to cater to Nxtra’s data centers located in Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and Odisha. Amplus is set to construct a 24.3 MW wind and a 28 MW DC solar facility in Tamil Nadu, providing 109,798 MWh of electricity and contributing to an annual reduction of 77,957 tonnes of tCO2e. Simultaneously, AmpIn Energy Transition will establish a 12 MW DC solar power plant in Uttar Pradesh, delivering 17,880 MWh and achieving an annual carbon reduction of 12,694 tCO2e. Additionally, an 8 MW DC solar power plant in Odisha will be developed, supplying 12,530 MWh and offsetting 8,896 tCO2e each year.

In September 2023, Airtel announced that its subsidiary Nxtra Data Limited, partnered with Bloom Energy to deploy low environmental impact fuel cell installation at its data center in Karnataka, reducing carbon emissions through a cleaner, hydrogen ready fuel supply.

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