Karnataka Issues Guidelines to Boost Rooftop Solar Installations


The Karnataka government has unveiled a set of measures to accelerate the implementation of rooftop solar projects, based on recommendations from an expert committee established by the state’s energy department. Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) will act as the nodal agency to provide a unified URL and website for rooftop solar applications, including the application procedure. BESCOM will create and present a sample billing that includes all relevant charges and Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) requirements. This will guarantee that all Electricity Supply Companies (ESCOMS) pay the same amount for electricity tax, among other things.

All rooftop solar applications, ranging from 1 kW to 150 kW, must be taken into account by ESCOMS. All ESCOMs are required to adhere to the government-approved procedure that BESCOM provided to KERC. When KERC announces rules or directives on rooftop solar, ESCOMS is required to follow them promptly without waiting for additional KERC approval. A standard procedure shall be adhered to by all ESCOMS for signing and approval of power purchase agreements. The assistant executive engineers in charge of the operations and maintenance (O&M) subdivision will sign and approve agreements for up to 500 kW. Executive engineers from O&M divisions will sign for agreements between 500 kW and 1,000 kW, with corporate office approval. Moreover, executive engineers from O&M divisions will sign agreements over 1,000 kW, with KERC approval.

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