NTPC Reduce Coal Transportation cost by Newly Constructed Bridge


National Thermal Power Corporation, power generating company under the Ministry of Power, reduced the transportation cost to about Rs 200-500 per metric tonne in supplying coal for the operation of its NTPC Kudgi Super Thermal Power Station in Karnataka. Will be able to this will reduce the cost of electricity generation and will also reduce the transit time by 8-15 hours.

According to a statement issued by NTPC the newly constructed 670 meter long bridge at South Western Railway is quite beneficial for NTPC Kudgi as it will help in reducing the cost of electricity generation. Also, it will also help the railways to carry more cargo through the available infrastructure. In addition, the availability of dual lines will reduce travel time from Solapur in Maharashtra to Gadag in Karnataka, saving passengers time.

NTPC has helped in doubling of lines on the existing railway track from Hotgi in Maharashtra to Kudgi in Karnataka (134 km). The company has also assisted in the construction of two bridges on the Bhima River.
At present, a bridge on this route is more than 50 years old and hence heavy loads of goods are not carried by that route. This is why most of the traffic is diverted from Guntakal to Bellary-Gadag route. NTPC is now waiting for the final approval from South Western Railway and will start its operations as soon as it is approved.

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