NORDAC Launched Decentralised Inverter

A future-proof plug-and-play solution for lower power ranges

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is further expanding its extensive modular product range of decentralised drive electronics. NORDAC ON was specially developed to meet the special requirements of horizontal conveyor technology in the field of warehousing, as well as for the interaction with the new IE5+ synchronous motor, and is characterised by an integrated Ethernet interface, full pluggability and a very compact design. An economic plug-and-play solution for IIoT environments.

The NORDAC ON is a compact and smart inverter for decentralised use. It is directly mounted on the drive housing and covers lower power ranges of up to 1.0 kW. The plans in place include two versions with three sizes each: NORDAC ON was designed for use with asynchronous motors, whereas NORDAC ON+ is intended for combination with synchronous motors and supplements the NORD high-efficiency portfolio around the new IE5+ motor generation. Both inverter versions have an integrated Ethernet interface and thus are ideally equipped for integration into modern automation systems. Whether for ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT – the required protocol can be easily set via parameters.

NORD-NORDAC-ON-versions.jpg: One inverter, two versions: NORDAC ON for use with asynchronous motors (foreground) and NORDAC ON+ for combination with synchronous motors (background) Image: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

High functionality and economic efficiency
The new inverter was specially matched to the target applications of horizontal conveyor technology. The standardisation covers all industry-specific requirements and ensures high economic efficiency. All connections are pluggable and ensure a quick, easy and error-minimising commissioning and maintenance on site. The equipment comprises a diagnostic interface, four digital inputs and, with the NORDAC ON+, an additional protocol-based and thus more reliable encoder interface. nsd tupH surface treatment, functional safety (STO) and internal braking resistors for dynamic start/stop processes are optionally available. In case the inverter should or could not be mounted on the motor, it can alternatively be mounted on the wall to connect the converter close to the drive.

NORD-high-efficiency-portfolio.jpg: The new high-efficiency portfolio from NORD: the NORDAC ON frequency inverter, the integrated gear unit/motor combination DuoDrive and the IE5+ synchronous motor Image: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

As with all NORD frequency inverters, the new member of the NORDAC family is equipped with a powerful PLC for functions close to the drive. It can process the data from connected sensors and actuators, autonomously initiate control sequences and communicate drive and application data to the control centre, networked components or to cloud storage. This allows continuous condition monitoring and therefore forms the basis for predictive maintenance concepts as well as optimum plant dimensioning.

Intelligent, user-friendly and economically efficient With NORDAC ON and NORDAC ON+, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides future-proof solutions for lower power ranges and emphasises its leading position in the field of decentralised drive electronics. The new inverter is expected to be available as serial product in the fourth quarter of 2021 and will be initially launched in two sizes.

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