Malaysia’s First Green Hydrogen Project Takes Shape

Semarak Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd (Semarak RE) and China Hydropower (Malaysia), a unit of PowerChina International, have inked a RM1.88 billion deal to pioneer Malaysia’s inaugural large-scale green hydrogen production project.


This ambitious initiative is set to leverage floating photovoltaic power generation, marking a significant leap toward sustainable energy practices.

The collaboration aims to establish Malaysia’s premier large-scale green hydrogen production facility in Perak. By harnessing the potential of floating photovoltaic power generation, the project seeks to contribute substantially to Malaysia’s renewable energy landscape. The primary objectives include the development of green hydrogen production units and storage infrastructure, aligning with global efforts to embrace cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

At the heart of this groundbreaking project is the deployment of floating photovoltaic power generation technology. This innovative approach involves the construction of solar panels on water bodies, maximizing energy capture and optimizing land use. The synergy between floating photovoltaics and green hydrogen production positions the project as a trailblazer in integrating diverse clean energy solutions.

The comprehensive scope of the venture encompasses the design, procurement, and construction of floating photovoltaic systems, hydrogen production units, and storage facilities. This holistic approach ensures a seamless integration of technologies, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem for green hydrogen production.

With a robust presence in the Malaysian market since 1993, PowerChina brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having successfully executed over 150 projects with a cumulative contract value exceeding US$7 billion, PowerChina is well-poised to expedite the planning and construction phases of this pioneering green hydrogen project. The commitment to advancing Malaysia’s green hydrogen industry underscores PowerChina’s dedication to fostering sustainable energy practices.

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