Leviton Adds Plug-On, Whole-Home Surge Protection

Surge protective circuit breakers designed to protect electrical equipment from damaging power surges


MELVILLE, N.Y. – Leviton announced four new Type-1 Surge Protective Circuit Breakers to help existing and new Leviton Load Center customers provide effective surge protection for their entire home using a simple plug-on solution. These new breakers are designed to meet article 230.67 of the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC), which requires all services supplying dwelling units to be provided with a Type 1 or Type 2 surge protective device, as an integral part of equipment or located immediately adjacent.

“Surge protection is vitally important, and these latest products integrate this technology directly into any Leviton Load Center panel. These easy-to-install surge protective breakers plug-on just like our standard and smart Leviton circuit breakers, instantly providing Type-1 whole home surge protection in the panel,” said Justin Berghoff, senior director of business development and product management, Leviton.

To meet NEC Article: 230.67 Surge Protection, the new Type-1 Leviton surge protective device is designed for quick and easy in-panel installation in the Leviton Load Center. All surge protective circuit breakers feature two 1-pole standard circuit breakers with separate operating handles, so there’s no loss of space inside the panel. An easy-to-read LED indicator light on each surge device displays protection status.

“With these new surge protection circuit breakers, Leviton continues to lead innovation in the home load center category,” adds Berghoff.  “Our Load Center has revolutionized circuit breaker installation, exceeded UL safety standards, offered a sleek new look, and provided users critical information via both intuitive LED diagnostics and optional smart circuit breakers.”

Available in both 15A and 20A models, Leviton Load Center customers can choose from surge protective circuit breakers in either Hydraulic Magnetic or Thermal Magnetic platforms. While thermal magnetic is used for traditional applications where temperatures do not fluctuate far from typical ambient, hydraulic magnetic is best for environments where temperature extremes are common, ensuring circuit breakers operate as intended using precision trip technology. 

Available Type-1 Surge Protective Circuit Breakers include:

  • LSPD1: Surge Protective Device with Two 15A 1-Pole Standard Hydraulic Magnetic Branch Circuit Breakers
  • LSPD1-T: Surge Protective Device with Two 15A 1-Pole Standard Thermal Magnetic Branch Circuit Breakers
  • LSPD2: Surge Protective Device with Two 20A 1-Pole Standard Hydraulic Magnetic Branch Circuit Breakers
  • LSPD2-T: Surge Protective Device with Two 20A 1-Pole Standard Thermal Magnetic Branch Circuit Breakers
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