Florida Solar Industry Leader Rebrands to Sailfish Solar


STUART, Fla. – Martin County Solar and several of its regional affiliates have rebranded their corporate identity to Sailfish Solar. The move consolidates seven statewide offices under the same banner. As Florida’s solar industry enters a fifth year of exponential growth, Sailfish Solar is poised to remain a leader on the cutting edge of solar solutions that benefit the consumer and the grid alike.

“By expanding and combining forces, Sailfish Solar is excited to continue serving consumers and construction trades that are working to implement solar power solutions anywhere in the state,” said Mike Antheil, partner and founder of Sailfish Solar. “But we will always stay true to our Treasure Coast roots, along with our commitment to a neighborly customer experience and the importance of local operations.”

As electricity prices have increased, most Florida markets have achieved a notable tipping point referred to as “grid parity,” which occurs when the cost of generating solar power is equal to the cost of purchasing electricity from the utility. This paradigm shift depends on several factors, including historically increasing local electricity rates, state policies, financing incentives, and technical performance of the installation. Like mature solar markets, this shift has marked the beginning of a broadscale adoption of customer-owned solar power in Florida.

“With grid parity opening up the residential market, an average Florida homeowner can achieve payback on a solar investment in seven years,” said Antheil. “Solar really does make financial sense at this point. As the market advances, consumers will have more options, and the industry leaders will be defined by knowledge, history, local expertise, and customer experience.”

Sailfish Solar’s business operations feature teams of experts in key markets across the state, employing local labor, customer service, and service personnel, while offering centralized distribution and supply management. This model allows for the lowest possible prices for the highest quality equipment.

“The growth of our company and the consolidation of our brands has been in the works for a while,” said Kevin Kelley, director of operations for Sailfish Solar. “We are taking a slow but deliberate approach to delivering the hometown expertise and service that our customers expect, while also delivering a streamlined cost basis that can only come from centralized supply and bulk purchasing power.”

Kelley also leads Sailfish Solar’s trades division, offering turnkey solar power development in partnership with roofers, architects, and contractors, with a specialty in new-build construction projects.

Sailfish Solar is committed to remaining a leader in Florida’s solar power market, functioning as a developer, project manager, and thought leader in the industry.


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