EUSUSO Denmark Partners with REnergy Dynamics for CBG Plants in India


As part of the India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership, EUSUSO Denmark has signed a letter of intent with REnergy Dynamics (RED) to work together on exclusively setting up advanced compressed biogas (CBG) plants in India. The planned CBG plants will incorporate CELLEBRIQ™, patented Danish pre-treatment systems aimed at improving the efficiency of anaerobic digestion.

The system uses a mechanical steam blast process to convert agricultural residues, like paddy and straw, from hydrophobic to hydrophilic, thereby reducing the straw volume by maximum 85 per cent. This transformation not only makes transportation and digestion easier but also increases the methane yield potential of paddy straw by 16-18 per cent. Furthermore, the system’s digesters have a turnaround time of just 20 days, significantly accelerating CBG production. EUSUSO holds the rights to introduce this technology to India and is forming a joint venture with RED to establish multiple plants across the country.

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