Emmvee Group Secures Major 795.4 MWp Topcon DCR Module Order for NTPC Khavda


Bangalore – Emmvee Group proudly announces a landmark achievement this week, having secured a 795.4 MWp Topcon DCR Module Supply Order from the prestigious NTPC Renewable Energy Limited. This agreement is part of NTPC’s ambitious 1255 MW Khavda Solar Project in Gujarat, marking a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector.

This deal underscores Emmvee Group ‘s position as a leader in the solar manufacturing industry and its commitment to driving India’s renewable energy goals forward. With over three decades of expertise in solar technology, Emmvee is set to deliver high-efficiency Topcon modules, enhancing the performance and reliability of NTPC’s Khavda Solar Project.

Mr. Suhas Donthi , President and CEO of Emmvee Group , stated, “We are honoured to have been awarded this prestigious tender by NTPC Renewable Energy Limited . This accomplishment highlights our unwavering dedication to quality and our capability to deliver on large-scale projects. Partnering with NTPC, a Maharatna company, is a matter of immense pride for us, reflecting the trust and reliability we have built over the years.”

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Emmvee Group, reinforcing its position as a leading player in the renewable energy sector. The project aligns with India’s ambitious target of achieving 500 GW of renewable power by 2030 and emphasizes Emmvee’s role in advancing the nation’s renewable energy landscape.

Emmvee Group is a world-class PV module manufacturer based in Bangalore, with a total production capacity of 3 GW. The company is also poised to commission a 1.5 GW Topcon wafer-to-cell manufacturing plant in the coming months. Emmvee’s modules have been deployed globally In diverse geographic conditions. Also Emmvee is the only Indian manufacturer and one of four globally to achieve top performer in all Kiwa PVEL PQP Testing Categories .

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