Clarios Delkor Wins KS-QEI Award in Car Battery Category for 15th Consecutive Year

The company earns first place in reliability and brand awareness indicators, reaffirming customer and industry confidence


SEOUL, South Korea- Clarios Delkor Corporation has won the KS-QEI award, with this year’s results demonstrating success for both the Usage Quality Index and Emotional Quality Index. Clarios Delkor Corporation received the highest scores in consumer evaluation, once again confirming customer confidence in the company.

The KS-QEI is Korea’s only comprehensive index of quality satisfaction. The Korean Standards Association surveys consumers and experts on their experiences with various products and services, and measures results against two indices. The Usage Quality Index is based on performance, reliability, durability, usability, stability and accessibility. The Emotional Quality Index is based on brand image, brand awareness and novelty. KS-QEI is known in Korea as a reliable resource, reflecting both consumer satisfaction and expert evaluation.

“It’s a great honor for Clarios Delkor Corporation to be ranked No. 1 in the Korean Standard – Quality Excellence Index for 15 consecutive years,” said Guy Locke, Aftermarket Sales Director, Clarios Asia. “The positive KS-QEI survey results acknowledge that Delkor® is an outstanding brand with the best-quality automotive batteries in Korea. We will continue our efforts in providing the best service and most reliable solutions to customers based on our advanced technology and expertise.”

Delkor batteries earned their highest KS-QEI scores in reliability, accessibility, brand image and brand awareness. This reflects the trust and the premium image that Korean customers have for Delkor batteries. Clarios Delkor Corporation strictly complies with global product and process standards, from suppliers’ production of raw materials to internal manufacturing processes, inspections and shipments. The company also employs a system that automatically inspects products at every step of manufacturing to ensure the highest quality.

The Delkor absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery, which features patented grid technology, is well known for its excellent starting power, high cycling capability and reliability. AGM batteries are the first choice for vehicles with high electrical demand and Start-Stop, especially when equipped with regenerative braking systems. Delkor batteries are easily available for purchase at more than 100 authorized distributors and car service workshops across Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Each location offers consultation services, as well as battery inspection and replacement.

Clarios Delkor Corporation was the first automotive battery manufacturer in Korea to produce maintenance-free batteries, eliminating the need to replenish distilled water during the lifespan of the battery. The company was also the first in Korea to improve the ergonomic design of the battery handle, by introducing one that is flush with the top of the battery, which makes it easier to install by aftermarket customers. They continue to seek out new ways to meet the rapidly growing demand for innovative vehicle battery technology.

Clarios has more than 130 years of battery expertise and produces one-third of all automotive batteries in the world. The company manufactures batteries globally under the highest quality standards, and offers a broad portfolio for OE customers along with respected worldwide aftermarket brands, including Delkor, VARTA, OPTIMA, MAC, LTH and Heliar.

“The Korean Standard – Quality Excellence Index affirms the standards we employ around quality, performance and sustainability,” said Park Yong-hwan, Executive Director of Clarios Delkor Corporation. “We thank our customers and consumers for the continuous support and trust in Delkor batteries. Clarios will comply with production standards as a global leader in energy storage solutions and will continue to support sustainable growth in the local community.”

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