Schneider Electric Announced Partnership with SolarEdge for Smart Homes of the Future

Partnership accelerates access to solar and alternate sources of energy for homeowners


BOSTON – Schneider Electric has announced a technological and commercial partnership with SolarEdge Technologies Inc. for North America that will accelerate the residential solar market and provide homeowners with seamless energy management for smart homes of the future.   

The partnership marries Schneider Electric’s expertise in energy distribution and automation solutions with SolarEdge’s footprint in residential solar and smart energy management solutions that maximize solar energy production and consumption.  In banding together, the two leading names in residential power distribution and solar seek to serve new market needs in California initially, where solar is now required on all new home construction as part of California Energy Commission updates to Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

“Residential energy consumption is expected to double by 2050, contributing to more extreme weather events and a greater strain on an aging grid that has resulted in more frequent power outages than ever before,” noted Annette Clayton, North America President & CEO, Schneider Electric. “In combining our expertise with SolarEdge, we’re poised to meet customer demands, while moving the needle on our shared vision of a sustainable, all-electric new energy world.”

Introducing the Square D Energy Center

An industry-first debut product, the Square D Energy Center, outpaces any other currently available solution in the market with its features and ease-of-install-and-use by electrical contractors and homeowners alike. It is a modular, compact energy manager that gives homeowners personalized digital control over how their solar energy is produced, used and stored, ensuring that power flow is safe, cost-effective and resilient. Powered by Schneider Electric’s Wiser technology along with SolarEdge’s Energy Hub Inverter with Prism Technology, Square D™ Energy Center seamlessly enables the convergence, scalability, and optimization of residential distributed energy resources, including utility power, solar power, energy storage, future smart home devices and generators. Further, built in energy monitoring capabilities enhance the user experience bridging the gap between home automation and digital energy management.

Key features and benefits include:

  • An all-in-one smart energy management solution, battery-ready with selectable or partial home- backup, generator support and control, built-in consumption meter, and EV charging from the sun
  • The Qwik-Connect system enables electrical contractors to install the SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter to the Square D™ Energy Center unit in less time, without tools, and occupying a smaller footprint
  • Square D Energy Center features a dedicated compartment which allows for faster, cleaner, and more effective installations of a Backup Interface Module
  • Advanced safety technologies that help minimize risk against fires, electroshocks and surge events
  • QR code labeling system further simplifies set up by minimizing the time to configure many devices once the home’s WiFi network has been created
  • Using the Square D edition of the Sense app, homeowners can manage their energy usage in real-time across all devices in their home, even those that are not “smart” or connected, from their phone
  • The MySolarEdge App enables homeowners to monitor, manage and control battery storage, back-up operations, generator usage, and perform smart energy management

“As the leading inverter company in the U.S. residential solar market, SolarEdge is dedicated to working with like-minded industry leaders who are committed to developing new solutions that make going solar more accessible,” said Peter Mathews, North America General Manager for SolarEdge. “By partnering with Schneider Electric’s Square D™ Energy Center, we can provide a seamless energy ecosystem for both installers and system owners, while also accelerating the solar installation experience nationwide.”

“As homes become more connected and electrified, consumers are looking to stay in control of their energy in a way that supports their sustainable lifestyle choices,” said Manish Pant, Executive Vice President, Home & Distribution, Schneider Electric.  “The Square D™ Energy Center brings peace of mind and advanced functionality to homeowners to create an end-to-end energy management, residential ecosystem that suits the new energy landscape.” (Will need to be updated, awaiting approval)

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