Ergosun & Solar PV Roof Beautifully Integrated Into the Design of the Roof


Ergosun have created an integral solution to combine roofing materials with Solar PV system, so that this present solution could have a long-lasting positive effect on the future, while respecting the environment. It is worth mentioning that Ergosun solar roof tiles produce much less of an environmental impact than a regular PV panel and helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles combine the greatness of harnessing solar energy while being perfectly integrated in the roof. Harmonious in appearance and nearly seamless solar tiles are easy to install, does not require additional drilling and can be connected directly to the inverter.

Ergosun Solar roof tiles are created to provide a perfect roofing and solar PV solution where 2 systems (roofing and solar power harnessing) are bonded in 1 single solar roof tile. With simple and fast install, they beautifully blend with buildings exteriors.

Ergosun tiles are ready to install product, provided with the solar module, junction box and integrated MC4 connectors, which allows the “click & play” concept to be used in the solar roof installation. It’s so easy to install, that even a normal roofer can perform the installation which means less expenses on additional installation works, and not to forget to mention, that it doesn’t need any additional framing or drilling.

Each tile can produce 15 watts of energy of peak power and due to innovative technology, it can perform with perfect results even in low light conditions. Each solar tile performs as an individual solar PV panel, and when connected into the system, they can be replaced one by one, without affecting the entire solar PV system or damaging the roof.

Ergosun Integrated solar roof tiles are easy to install, to replace and to maintain. It’s a robust and high-quality product that can withstand an installer walking on them, high loads of wind, rain, snow and hail. When installed, it actually becomes an asset that can be used for decades.

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