Bihar Issues Tender for Solar Cold Storage Units


Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA) has issued a request for proposals for designing, provision, testing, installing, commissioning, and maintenance of 10 MT solar cold storage units in Bihar.

According to the tender guidelines, the bidders are required to submit Rs 500,000 as an earnest money deposit. The developer is required to furnish a performance bank guarantee equaling 5 per cent of every work order. The developers will also be responsible for operations and maintenance for a period of five years. The bid submission deadline is July 8, 2024.

For deploying a 10 MT solar cold room, the project is eligible for a 50 per cent subsidy. To be eligible, the bidders must have experience in designing, supplying, testing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining minimum five cold storage systems of any capacity over the past three financial years. These projects should have been conducted for any central or state government, PSUs, government agencies, registered cooperatives or societies, and private agencies. The solar modules listed in the updated Approved List of Models and Manufacturers list must be used.

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