Ballard Power Systems Announced Launch of the FCmove-HD+


VANCOUVER, BC – Ballard Power Systems has announced the launch of the FCmove-HD+, designed for buses and medium and heavy-duty trucks, and is the latest product in Ballard’s 8th generation heavy duty power module portfolio.

Since 2019, Ballard has been developing a family of FCmove products to serve the commercial vehicle market. The new FCmove-HD+, with a 100kW power output, is smaller, lighter, more efficient, and lower cost than previous generations, and has been designed to improve ease of vehicle integration. With its compact innovative design, it has been engineered for both engine bay and rooftop configurations, enabling optionality in truck and bus applications.

The FCmove-HD+ is more than 40% more compact and over 30% lighter than the previous 100kW module, with 50% less component parts. This results in an anticipated 40% improvement in total lifecycle cost while maintaining leading operating performance, high efficiency, and wide operating range.

Kevin Colbow, Chief Technology Officer said, “With the launch of our second FCmove engine, the FCmove-HD+, we continue our global leadership in the technological advancement and adoption of hydrogen fuel cells. With broad market access across key verticals of medium and heavy-duty truck, bus and off-road vehicles, the FCmove-HD+ has wide reaching applications to accelerate the decarbonization of the transportation sector.”

Mr. Colbow continued, “With now over 100 million kilometers in service by the 3,500 buses and trucks powered by our technology, we have industry leading, proven road experience, and confidence in our product life cycle cost. The evolution of our technology and product portfolio continues to position us to lead in this rapidly growing market.” 

FCmove products are being integrated by our bus and truck OEM partners. The first vehicles powered by the 100kW, FCmove-HD+ are anticipated in 2022, including in the fuel cell trucks recently announced with Hexagon Purus and QUANTRON.


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