CES Teams Up with EARTHDAY.ORG and Kabadiwalla Connect for Battery E-Waste Management


EARTHDAY.ORG and Kabadiwalla Connect have enlisted Customised Energy Solutions (CES) as a crucial partner in their environmental cleanup initiative. The objective is to improve the management of electronic waste gathered during cleanup campaigns, with a particular focus on used batteries. This collaboration is anticipated to play a significant role in the cleanup effort and waste management framework by identifying used batteries and associated e-wastes for efficient sorting and recycling.

Furthermore, EARTHDAY.ORG and Kabadiwalla Connect have collaboratively introduced a waste cleanup campaign and partnership scheme involving local waste managers, in celebration of Earth Day 2024. A key focus of this endeavor is to encourage the correct sorting and repurposing of gathered plastic waste by the waste handlers and other stakeholders in the waste management network.

Founded in 1998, CES is a company specialising in energy advisory, software, and services. It collaborates closely with clients to navigate both wholesale and retail electricity markets in the United States and worldwide. CES provides software solutions, operational support for back-office functions, and advisory and consulting services, with a focus on optimising assets and enhancing efficiency in energy market participation.

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