Arroyo Invests in U.S. Distributed Power Generation Solutions Company

Arroyo Invests in a Leading U.S. Distributed Power Generation Solutions Company


Arroyo Investors, independent investment manager focused on power generation and energy infrastructure assets throughout the Americas, announced it has closed an investment in Mesa Solutions, a leading distributed power generation solutions company based in Loveland, Colorado.

Mesa designs, assembles, deploys and services primary and standby power generation solutions for its clients utilizing its suite of natural gas-fired engines. Arroyo believes Mesa’s vertical integration enables it to meet specific client needs and positions it to meet the demand growth in distributed generation and microgrids.

Mesa has two business segments. Its Portable Power Units segment has a near decade-long track record of providing primary power to customers that lack access to grid power at a lower overall emissions profile than diesel. Its emerging Distributable Power Units segment provides resiliency as a service with its 500 kilowatt stationary PowerCore unit for standby and backup power applications to commercial, industrial and government users as well as prime power for grid resiliency support. Both business segments are capable of paralleling units for multi-megawatt installations.

“We believe that Mesa’s products directly help oil and gas companies reduce the amount of flared gas related to their operations. We are proud to supply not only mission-critical power to our customers, but also contribute to their overall efforts to reduce carbon emissions,” said Brandon Wax, Managing Director at Arroyo. “We believe this investment represents a differentiated opportunity for Arroyo to own and operate a company that is well positioned to improve grid resiliency and supply critical backup power to multiple industry segments including commercial, industrial, healthcare and military customers.”

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