Apple and CleanMax to Build 14.4 MW Rooftop Solar Projects in India


The joint venture (JV) between Apple Inc. and CleanMax Enviro Energy Solutions Private Limited has announced plans to establish six rooftop solar power projects totaling 14.4 MW in capacity. These projects aim to harness solar energy to meet the electricity needs of Apple’s offices and two retail stores located in Delhi and Mumbai.

With a focus on sustainability and renewable energy, Apple’s collaboration with CleanMax underscores its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing environmentally friendly practices. By investing in solar power infrastructure, Apple seeks to minimize its reliance on traditional energy sources and transition towards cleaner, renewable alternatives.

The rooftop solar installations are expected to contribute significantly to Apple’s renewable energy goals, aligning with its broader initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality across its operations. By leveraging solar energy, Apple not only reduces its environmental impact but also demonstrates leadership in adopting innovative solutions to address climate change.

Furthermore, the partnership with CleanMax signifies a strategic approach to enhancing energy efficiency and resilience while promoting sustainable development in India’s urban centers. Through this collaboration, Apple aims to set a precedent for corporate sustainability initiatives, inspiring others to embrace renewable energy solutions for a greener and more sustainable future.

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