ZEV Completed Successful Road Test of its Class 3 Delivery Van


TEMPE, Ariz. – Zero Electric Vehicles, (ZEV) has announced the successful road test of its Class 3 Electrification Solution, code named Athena. Athena is a proprietary retrofit solution intended to accelerate the migration to ‘green’ low-carbon fleet vehicles with minimal capital expense and time to market. Athena delivers a unique power train and electrification design that significantly reduces installation time, while maintaining native vehicle weight distribution and cargo load specifications per original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). ZEV’s Class 3 electrification solution provides commercial customers and fleet owners immediate access to zero emission “green” credits, powered by our intelligent cloud “Fleet Management” service with specific EV metrics to support customers through their electrification journey. ZEV’s advanced energy system model optimizes power distribution across vehicle devices to meet customer delivery schedules and reduce charge cycles.

In a private event for investors, industry partners and distinguished guests, on Friday, April 23rd at ‘Exponent’ (the automotive proving track in Arizona), ZEV road tested its EV product lines, Trident and Athena, demonstrating its engineering prowess and tireless commitment to accelerating EV adoption.

“ZEV’s showcase of these two EV platforms is the pinnacle of our incredible engineering team, their ingenuity and acute focus on customer experience through this demonstration delivers a clear and affordable path to sustainable EV solutions,” said Carolyn Maury CEO of ZEV.

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