Zendure’s SolarFlow Achieves The First TÜV Mark

Zendure's SolarFlow Achieves The First TÜV Mark for Balcony Energy Storage Systems


Zendure recently announced that their SolarFlow balcony energy storage system had been certified by TÜV Rheinland Greater China. This certification makes SolarFlow the world’s first balcony energy storage system to receive the prestigious TÜV Mark certificate.

This certification marks SolarFlow‘s outstanding quality and safety performance. This honor will greatly enhance Zendure’s global presence and foster strong customers connection.

Bryan, the founder, and CEO of Zendure, Kevin, the CTO, and representatives from TÜV Rheinland attended the certification ceremony. “The TÜV Rheinland Type Approval Mark will catalyze our global expansion bolstering client trust, and attracting potential business partners,” said Bryan.

The rise of plug-and-play photovoltaic technology in Europe and supportive industry policies drive global demand for balcony energy storage. The TÜV Rheinland Type Approval Mark reinforces Zendure’s credibility and innovation as a home energy solution provider, delivering reliability and security to prosumers.

“Exceptional companies prioritize product quality, and the certification is the proof of their comprehensive strength.” Andy Chen from TÜV Rheinland said, ” We anticipate building stronger relationships and collaborating with outstanding companies like Zendure to promote continuous innovation.”

SolarFlow had a remarkable start, generating over €1.2 million in sales on its first launch day due to its impressive features. It allows users to store the solar energy gained during the day instead of feeding back to the grid without remuneration, reducing waste and cutting bills by 32%. Compared to traditional energy, balcony solar systems are more environmentally friendly, emitting no hazardous substances and having a lower carbon footprint. With solar power growing in accessibility, prosumers are taking initiative to install solar panels, reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources as well as harm to the environment.

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