XCHARGE Launched Battery-integrated Charger in Cooperation with BYD


The newly released Net Zero Series has a high-power output of 210kW, with the capacity to charge multiple vehicles in less than 30 minutes. Equipped with an industrial socket for easy installation, the integrated BYD liquid-cooled battery packs can store up to 466kWh of electricity and be set to different modes for smart energy management, including Battery2Grid functionality. XCHARGE is working to deploy units in Europe by year end, with a US market offering next year. 

HAMBURG, Germany : XCHARGE, a global leader in EV charging solutions, unveiled their latest product line the Net Zero Series which is aimed to drive the adoption of fast charging and energy storage solutions. In response to the growing demand of electricity during peak times, XCHARGE collaborated with battery leader BYD to combine advanced battery technology with intelligent charging creating the next generation of EV infrastructure. The two companies agreed to collaborate on the new product based on their commitment to a carbon-free, sustainable transportation and a shared vision to foster a greener future.

210kW Output. 466kWh Capacity. Battery2Grid Functionality.

The Net Zero Series enables 210kW max. output power, supports up to 2 vehicles simultaneously charging, and features a 19-inch HD touchscreen. It is equipped with liquid cooled Lithium-ion battery modules which come in two storage capacities, 233kWh in the base configuration and 466kWh in the Plus model. In addition, the net zero series is designed with a Battery2Grid function where applicable, so that in peak hours, the charger can sell energy back to the grid, if the battery is relatively full.

In addition to various preset modes, the smart operating system also includes a Power Reserve Mode, ensuring that a certain amount of energy is always kept within the charger. This always allows the charger to provide power (to vehicles or buildings) in the event of emergency black out situations.

Minimal Setup. Maximum Flexibility

Another key highlight is the industrial socket assembled to the charger. This feature allows for easy and cost-effective installation; operators only need to prepare a 30/60kW power plug to connect the charger with the grid and start the EV charging business immediately. Fast charging no longer needs construction heavy project, it’s all packed into one “plug-able” piece. Since it’s unnecessary to build foundation under the charger, relocation is also made easy. Just unplug and mount it at a new location with minimal headache.

A Global Solution to All Major Markets

With the introduction of this new technology, XCHARGE has re-positioned itself from just offering charging solutions to empowering a digital energy network. “Since we have less than 20 years to achieve net zero carbon emissions, all of us must feel compelled to speed up our innovation toward this transition. we are delighted to work with a strong battery partner like BYD on this specific initiative.” said Simon Hou, CEO of XCHARGE. “The Net Zero Series is a significant proof point to align technology with environmental goals in our entire product portfolio. We will also have more new products that integrate with renewable energies coming out, using our strong R&D capabilities to adapt a new era of Net Zero while advancing sustainable economic growth.”

Alongside the European and Asia-Pacific markets, XCHARGE also announced to enter the United States for the first time, with the Net Zero Series being a focus of their market offerings. The Net Zero Series will help reshape the future of EV charging by offering a way to sustainably and reliably charge EVs with ever increasing grid demand. As a pioneer startup in EV charging sector, XCHARGE is founded by former Tesla employees, with investment by Shell Venture in its Series B funding round, XCHARGE aims to contribute its key expertise in providing energy to electrified transportation.

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